Greater Options Air Conditioning caretaking

To disinfect air conditioning Instead of cleaning the air channels from the outside, some manufacturers also offer simpler solutions. The interior foggers are placed on the car floor behind the driver’s seat. A stable piece of cardboard ensures that the bus does not fall over. The beam must be able to shoot straight up. Start the engine; open the canister until the disinfectant sprays out. Close the doors from the outside and let the blower run for twenty minutes. Then remove the cardboard, the can and any residue on the back of the passenger seat.

With this method you achieve an extra, thorough disinfection of the entire interior. Before using it, please ensure that the interior material also tolerates this treatment. In addition, asthma or allergy patients may experience difficulties with this procedure. Find the Eurohub Aircon Pte Ltd now for the best caretaking of the same.

Replacement of components

With the exception of the drive belt and the blower, the coolant must first be drained for the replacement of each air conditioning component. This may only be carried out by a certified specialist garage. If you want to replace the compressor, absorber or air-conditioning lines yourself, you must first have the refrigerant removed completely from the relevant service provider. Prior to refilling, the garage carries out a leak test. This shows you whether you have done everything right.

Air conditioned inexpensively As long as the drive belt of the compressor is not also used for the valve control, its replacement is relatively simple. You can recognize the difference to the shape of the belt: if it is a flat belt with clear teeth across the entire width, it is probably a timing belt. His replacement is also possible for unqualified mechanics with a lot of practice and knowledge, but for that you already need to have a lot of experience. However, if it is a wedge-shaped belt, it does not play a role for the valve control. This also applies to V-belts without tooting. This has a different meaning with this belt shape: instead of valve guide, the tooting with V-belts is only intended for overcoming a particularly small radius. You can take care of the same with the help of the good at aircon servicing singapore now.

Only for professional garages

Topping up air conditioning

Air conditioning replacement parts the draining and filling of air conditioners may only be carried out by certified specialist garages. Do-it-yourself solutions that are sometimes offered are not recommended because the results cannot be compared with the performance of a professional garage.


Conclusion: to do simple drawings well for laymen

The air conditioning is a very comfortable part, which makes driving very pleasant. As a technical layman you are generally able to carry out the most important maintenance work yourself. The replacement of a pollen filter and the disinfection of the ventilation are for everyone to do. This way you get to know your car better, ensure a sustainable cleaning and save a lot of money.

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