Choosing Your Business Phone System

If your business hasn’t already hopped on the NBN phone system train, it’s high time you started choosing the right business phone system and joining the ranks of these elite IP enabled phones. The fact of the matter is, there’s been a huge shift in the way businesses have been choosing their phone systems and for good reason. Wondering why more and more businesses are choosing cloud-based hosted phone systems? Keep on reading!

What is an NBN Phone System?

If you don’t already know, an NBN phone system is essentially an IP enabled system otherwise known as a Hosted PBX phone system. Here’s what it really means – all calls will be made through the “hosted” internet system. Whether you choose the brains of your business phone system to be in the remote cloud or an IP enabled PBX that’s in-house or on-premise, the choice in moving over to a hosted phone system is, hands down, the only way to go!

Not Familiar with NBN Phone Systems?

If you’re still a little lost, let us break it down for you. You’ve probably heard of this system referred to as VoIP or SIP phone systems, Virtual Phones, or even Cloud Based Phone Systems. They’re one and the same. So long as your phone system is IP enabled, it’s ready for NBN.

Why is it the Smartest Solution for Business Phones?

Simply put, an NBN Phone Systems can do many things for your business, solve problems you didn’t know you had, and even offer you a whole heap of benefits. You might find when choosing your business phone system that you’ll get benefits like programming changes at zero cost for life, easily upgrade or expand the use of your phone system, and only paying for exactly what you need when it comes to adding or subtracting the number of headsets your business needs or uses.

Is My Business Really Big Enough to Need an NBN Phone System?

The short answer is of course, absolutely, yes! It was common in the past for more of the larger businesses with many employees like phone banks and customer service centers to use these IP enabled phone systems to suit their needs but often required the company be able to afford the use of dedicated (and sometimes costly) high-speed internet to their place of business.

Of course, as technology has soared, just about any home or business can get the same dedicated, high-speed internet service they need at a fraction of the cost it used to be. With most businesses bundling services with companies, high-speed internet is no longer hard to come by. And with that, choosing the best phone systems to suit your business’ needs has become just as easy.Whether you have a small, medium, or large business matters not anymore. Even whether you plan for your business to stay the exact same size or whether you plan on small or large growth soon, there’s a business phone system solution for you and your business!

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